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Throughout years of home remodeling experience we have learned many helpful home remodeling techniques; many of these home remodeling techniques will help your project run more smoothly and efficiently. These hints help not only your contractor but allow you to be prepared for the coming home remodeling project of your home.

Home Remodeling Hints
On the day your home remodeling project is to begin have all personal and household items cleared from the work area (ex. empty cupboards and drawers, remove any furniture, etc.)

Please make parking arrangements to allow a tool trailer to remain in your driveway for the duration of your project. Leaving the trailer on site saves valuable time.

Keep children and pets clear of the work area. Not only are dangerous tools used throughout the day but small debris and sharp objects are likely to be found throughout the workspace. Although Tony Catner, LLC is not a maid service, at the end of each day we do clean the work area (sweep and pack away tools) in an effort to eliminate an accumulation of debris and dust.

Most home remodeling modifications will result in large amounts of dust, which seems to pervade throughout the house. Upon request, we will provide a Visqueen barrier (plastic barrier around the work area) in an effort to reduce the spread of dust. Understand that this barrier will NOT completely defer the dust, but it will help to limit it. Upon completion of the home remodeling project we recommend that you change your furnace filter to further reduce the spread of dust.

Understand that major modifications to your home progress in stages and some of these simply move along faster then others. We do put in 8-9 hours a day whenever possible on a given job. It is safe to say that electrical rewiring and/or plumbing revisions are not nearly as visually gratifying as coming home to find all the cabinets in place or the new walls in your addition constructed, but they are a necessary part of many projects. So, while it may appear at times that not much is happening with your home remodeling revision, we are working to complete your home remodeling project in a timely manner.

Bear in mind that your home remodeling modification has been scheduled for an allotted time. Making changes/alterations to your original design makes it difficult to keep promises made to other clients. We realize that changes and modifications do occur but please talk to your crew leader about any of these time consuming tasks as soon as they are recognized so the schedule may be revised accordingly.

Please turn your home computer off (or speak with the crew) at the start of your project if possible. Power may need to turn off briefly during your project and we would not want to see valuable data lost when the circuit breakers get switched.

Keep in mind that we are working to finish your home remodeling project as quickly as possible. While we (nor my crews) want to be rude, we do need to limit our personal conversations with the homeowners in order to make the most of the workday.

Remember that you and your contractor are a team. Working together we will achieve your modification goals.

If you are looking for a Michigan remodeling contractor, please call us today at 877-422-8637 or complete our online request form.



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