BASEMENT REMODELING                        
If your Michigan home has a finished or unfinished basement, remodeling is probably the most affordable way to add a large amount of additional living space to your home. In Michigan, basement remodeling projects provide homeowners with year round enjoyment. There are a lot of things to consider when remodeling a basement. Is a bathroom and/or bedroom desired? Would you like additional daylight in the basement? We would be happy to visit with you and go over your options.

Questions About Basement Remodeling in Michigan

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Question: I’d don’t like the look of those panel “drop” basement ceilings. Are there other options?
Answer: Although drop ceilings are the most functional and practical because you still have access to some or all of your house systems such as cabling, plumbing and duct work there are other options. For starters, many drop ceiling panels in basements come in a variety of colors and textures. The grids in these basement systems can be found in a variety of colors. Drywall is certainly an option as long as access panels to critical systems like shut off vales are installed.


Question: I plan on putting my television and stereo in the basement. Can I get the basement wired to accommodate all of my electronics during my renovation?
Answer: Of course! Many of the basement remodeling projects we work on include multimedia considerations. Speakers, internet access, built-in television and media cabinets can make your basement a clean looking, highly functional entertainment room. We’ll be happy to discuss your options in this area.


Question: I’ve had periodic problems with water in my Ann Arbor basement. Can this be fixed prior to remodeling?
Answer: It can and should be fixed before any basement remodeling is done to the basement. All leaks and drainage problems should be identified and corrected before the basement remodeling phase begins. Let us know if and when you’ve had water problems and we’ll help get the issue resolved to ensure a successful, long lasting basement remodeling project.

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