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In the Michigan  area, kitchen remodeling can easily have the greatest return in terms of resale value. In Michigan in particular the average kitchen remodeling project will recoup 87% of its original cost. Tony Catner, LLC has worked on kitchen remodeling projects in a wide range of styles and budgets. Each one has its own set of challenges and considerations. Weíll work with the homeowner from the beginning and make sure the appropriate steps are taken to assure that a top quality job is done, on time, and on budget- while minimizing the inconvenience that being without your kitchen will cause.


Questions and Answers when beginning a kitchen remodeling project:

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Question: Iím remodeling my Michigan kitchen- should I replace my kitchen cabinets or just reface them?
Answer: This is a common question we hear, and it really depends on a few factors. Are the cabinets a top quality cabinet? Are you happy with the current cabinet configuration? If you can answer yes to both of these questions re-facing would definitely be worth exploring. However, if your kitchen remodeling needs involve creating more cabinet space or changing the layout of the kitchen in general, kitchen cabinet replacement may make more sense. Tony Catner, LLC offers a wide variety of cabinet options and weíll be happy to offer suggestions in this area.

Question: How long can I expect to be without my kitchen during a kitchen remodeling project?

Answer: Kitchen remodeling jobs typically will take between 3 and 5 days for a refacing or minor remodeling project and 2 to 3 weeks for a more major kitchen remodeling project. Having the materials, appliances on the job site will help the kitchen remodeling project along. Sometimes a kitchen remodeling project can be held up because a counter, cabinet, or appliance may be on back order or unavailable. The best way to assure your kitchen remodeling project goes smoothly is to make sure the materials and appliances you select are purchased and available at the outset of the project.

Question: How much will remodeling my kitchen increase the value of my Michigan home?

Answer: Unfortunately, there is no easy answer. Your investment should be based on the market value of your house. If you are already living in one of the most expensive houses in the neighborhood, you will likely not get a great deal your kitchen remodeling investment back if and when you sell your home. If you arenít and you cost your kitchen project wisely, however, you can count on getting 75-90% of your investment back when you sell.


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